Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Its been too long...too much has been bottled up!!! New job, everything else still shitty. Have no time for my games... no time for friends sigh now i know how precious quality time is. Oh well lament no more i will play 101% squeeze every drop of Ecstasy! falling in love with whiskey lately all the partying and pigging out also made me put on 2 kilos wtf, NEW RESOLUTIONS COMING UP !!! till then enjoy this NYE weekend :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Been really busy travelling and making pple happy, but sometimes it really hurts when some close ones backstab and speak ill of me. I accept that as part and parcel of life... but one can only take this much :) therefore i would like to ask anyone out there what does cheating mean? Does it mean sleeping ard? being too close to others? or just mental straying? well these problems do exist in our society for a long is there a method to disrupt such situations? it's not that i do not like to forgive and forget maybe its because im a sadistical kindof a person...i feel things like these shouldnt be taken lightly and someone's gotta get punished. I just hope that someone who sees this knows when to draw the lines. Cause hate is a dangerous weapon.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

As i walk into the valley with a dick in my hand
i was the greatest mofo in the goddamn land
I looked to the side and what did i see
I saw hundred naked women trying to fondle me
I nubbed 98 of them till my dick turn blue
Had a little whisky and nubbed the other 2.

ahh... what memories this poem brings back. PRIMARY sch dammit! how i missed the good ol days when there wasnt a care in the world... i was this innocent little P.O.S looking forward into adult hood. The first time i checked out a Porn Mag hah...what classic memories... honestly which guy out there hasnt had a brush with porn. go finger urself cause ur obviously lying :) I do not see why pple are so shoddy abt such issues Come'on PORN is like everywhere? its on TV Radio everthing. so pls bring ur squeaky clean image to hell u'll need it there. Anyway I had satay and indian rojak for dinner

... i was sitting next to this AH SUM... i accidentally said FUCK loudly.. she was like staring at me with this discriminating look. I smiled back and she *TSK* me, ok nvm THEN i dropped a piece of rojak SHE *TSK* again now i was getting pissed so i stared at her till she F O. DAmn whats with the aging generation nowadays.. cant they stop being such a kaypo. I pray for Singapore as we're GREYING... means MORE AH SUMS...god bless.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yesterday a friend told me a scenario which i think was rather interesting, when he and his uncle drove up to JB last night. They had a yummy good time from satays to black sauce mee apart from the 2 hr initial jam HAHA. (a bit annoyed i wasn't invited) Anyway it was when they were returning at abt 1am-2am they were dissed completely by the customs officer lol. As his uncle was driving a sports coupe and seeing that the vehicle has 2 very suspicious looking individuals, this malay officer was quite stringent on the check this was the conversation.

M O : Open your boot.

Uncle : *steps out open* sir just some cooking oil and groceries.

Friend :*stare at M O*

*M O walks to friend*

M O : Boy got any cigarettes?

Friend : *thinks for a few seconds replies nervously* yes ah bang.

M O : *look at driver* U got or not?

Uncle : Yes i have


Uncle : *cold sweat* ahh that one open already la i forgot la ah bang.

M O : any other illegal stuff? *starts opening drawers and shit*

Uncle and friend : Sweets

M O : WRIGLEY's SWEETS AH? What abt this VCDS?? U want me to FINE U 2?

Uncle : ah bang give chance la we friend friend.

M O : Don't do it again or i will catch you then i see how you ah bang me. *waves them through*

LOL fuking customs officer can be a bitch sometimes but hey if your nice to them im sure they will be nice to you :P enjoy this pic i took from Fish & Co. yum!
argh... I hate RUDE people!!! When i was on the bus to BUDURAYA (situated in KL) some fuking fat ass brown bitch bumped into me. I was like expecting an apology BUT NO, She still *TSSSSSSSK* me im like HEY BIATCH ur fat ass bumped into me and you still got the cheek to TSkKKKK me?!?!, nvm i reached my destination decided to have a bowl of congee. There was a slight drizzle this morning so.. i had to share a table with some middle aged geezer, when i sat down he gave me an irritable stare so i just looked away and ordered my food completely oblivious to his existence. Had this wonderful nice meal :)

On the bus...i went into a deep slumber ... slept for like 5 hrs??? and i kept dreaming of something wierd...kept thinking of CRASHES.. doh fortunately i did not suffer any heart attacks or watever :P anyway i got myself back in one piece had 6 curry puffs for dinner woohoo i miss my sweet cheeks... i always eat like a king when im in KL... ill take some photos of the GOODIES next time enjoy this pic i took from THE RICE TABLE restaurant at Suntec Its really filling :P

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So what now? for love or for Security? which would women prefer??? what is love without security? and vice versa. Well i do not see why a couple cant be together for love and built security as time passes, is it not possible??? well according to my references women of this day and age can come up with all sorts of nonsensical excuses to prove that their theories are right *clap* well done. Im not saying security is not important, but what if the individual makes it up with pure love from his / her heart? maybe not wealthy but full of goodness from within? can't these things be substituted??? does that allow me to be a bastard if im flithy rich? wreck girls lives by toying with their feelings??? bottom line is i dont see as long as a couple is not SUFFERING together as in Begging or shit, they cant have the rights to be with each other. Babe thats all i can say, My feelings have been true all the while and i just hope it will be recipocated. ill dedicate this pic to you, to prove how much i treasure u :(

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I travel to and fro M'sia so often im beginning to wonder if im eligible for some MILES scheme :P the last trip there was really fattening i was only EATING and SLEEPING for the whole 3 days i averaged 5 meals a day!!! Morning Breakfast, Pre Lunch, Lunch, Tea Time, Dinner and SUpper!!! feeling so sinful now...i tell everyone im bellumic its the truth!!! Last week i had the rear end of office politics some pimple cratered face crack whore was bad mouthing me soon after i left office -_- BAH! and my superior was dumb enough to listen to that woman's propaganda. Nvm.. that misunderstanding caused me to get lesser assignments now, some pple never heard of karma? Well one thing's for sure this is kinda like how her face looks like !

So pls if any of you cratered face backstabbing critters want redemption STOP being so conniving and tell me in the face if you got a problem. Finally i came across lots of criticism abt another blogger, Dawn Yang? i dunno if it rings a bell but i been to some of her before and after blogs... all i want to know is DAWN is the before pic really you??? can you tell me ur beauty secrets cause i look like a shoddy wannabe office boy lol. Alright signing off now laters all.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Woman are vicious and dangerous... they always want to prey on obliging men... I dont understand how can such a sweet demure person transform into something so terribly freaky. I always try to give and take...but they are never satisfied...therefore i have came to one conclusion. They have been showing signs to us all along... women are ...
Yes look at that each woman has an hour glass that shows how much time the guy has before she wraps it up and chow down on you... some it might be 100yrs but usually its much much less and before u even know it bye your so dead. But babe i am foolishly attracted by your round bottom and i know im gonna be dinner soon but hey we only live once i want to live it well so go ahead EAT ME.